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You can't tell my story in gaming without mentioning Crash Bandicoot, Pajama Sam, and Pokémon Red on the Game Boy Color -- the adventures began there, hiding from the bright Northern Californian sun.

Years later I was introduced to the business side of gaming and entertainment, falling into a love for livestreaming with Bungie's Destiny that blossomed into championing brands to their communities and vice versa in industry roles. 

A common thread throughout those personal and professional experiences was building lasting relationships. After a pivot into B2B sales, I learned the true strength of strategic partnerships, and became aware of the expertise required to build truly great ones.

That lit me ablaze, and I set my mind on doing exactly that, in gaming. 

Due to fortunate timing, an existing network, and the willingness of established event organizers to give me a shot, my career in gaming business development was born.

Beneath the passion for gaming and building relationships lies a committment to exercise, in lifting and various sports, a dedication to cultivating strong mental health through structured routines, and a love for grabbing picture-worthy bites with friends.


Your time reading my story is valued dearly, and I hope we connect some day, virtually or IRL.

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"What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Mission

To create an impact as a force for good, doing so with integrity in every step, cherishing the invaluable people met along the way.

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